Origins of Kava

There has been much of a heated controversy about the origins of Kava. According to botanists who studied the origins of Kava, they said that it appeared in the Northern Vanuatu. This concept was then studied by Lebot, an agronomist. He worked feverishly in the earliest part of the 1980s exactly in Vanuatu. He was in quest of an answer prior to this unending question. They also in fact provided evidence that support their position. In the year of 1992, Lindstrom, Merlin and Lebot concluded that the main origin of Kava is Vanuatu.
A particular man, named Brunton, presented clear arguments about Kava. He insisted that Kava originated in Melanesia. Kava is undoubtedly a plant which came from Oceania. It had already been known that Kava was written as part of history books. It also took its role in the culture of Oceania that was deeply rooted even before the time of Captain Cook.
Nevertheless, the conclusion of Lindstrom, Merlin and Lebot was that the cultivation of Kava was common in Vanuatu. But still, this has not been given with immediate support. And thus, more research is needed to reinforce such conclusions. Actually, the Kava discovered in Polynesia and Fiji is plants that originated in Vanuatu.
There was also more research that tried to learn more about Kava and its origin. It has also been suggested that Northern Vanuatu, or the Maewo Island is the real source of Kava. And, if you will take a closer look at the migration in Oceania, the archaeological records emphasized that Fiji were the first settlers. And then, it was followed by Vanuatu. It was then followed by Tonga.
With Tonga deemed as the last settlers, it could truly be believed that Kava was brought in by migration. It is then acceptable than Tonga had its shortest relationship with Kava. Thus, it could be said that Vanutu has had the longest.
More Origin Possibilities
Kava is indeed a member of the Piperaceae, a pepper family. Some theories also speculated that Kava came from Southeast Asia or South India. These are the regions where pepper species like Piper longum and Piper Nigrum were found.
As per these arguments, these have traced the exact similarities of ritualistic and ceremonial procedures in every culture. Another scholar also suggested that Kava originated in Asia and linked it to the Chinese tea ceremony.
Moreover, it was outlined that Kava drinking ceremony is similar to the ancient Vedic religion of India. There is also a ritualistic rule that governs Vedic ceremonial traditions. It further declares that an older brother must sacrifice further before a younger brother. As per this declaration, it is also in line with the brothers’ order in a ceremonial procedure.
Kava is indeed the most versatile and the most amazing plant that can help, heal and let you enjoy. This is also recognized its mouth-numbing and notable potency. Now, you already have learned more about Kava and more of its possibilities of origin!

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